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TRANSFERS IN PAROS & BEYOND We offer a wide range of private boat cruises with our diverse fleet. Fancy a fishing trip on board our authentic, working traditional boat? Or perhaps a luxurious cruise in one of our state-of-the-art luxury yachts? Why not try an exciting island-hopping day on [...]

Pasha, pirates and Paros

A visit to Paros and Antiparos with their plethora of outdoor activities and stunning setting may not leave time to contemplate the historical and cultural significance of the islands. In some parts of Greece, it is impossible to visit without being confronted by the imposing visual reminders of the past; [...]


The need to explore the underwater world led man from ancient times until today to develop scuba diving. The first efforts for scuba diving started from Aristotle’s era to continue in the Middle Age by Leonardo da Vinci. Roger Bacon constructed the first breathing device in 1240. The efforts continued during [...]

Spying on the Cyclades

Versailles 1685. King Louis 14th, although he had not been involved in the so-called Great Turkish War, had carved his political plans for the Archipelago Sea. Two years after the beginning of the fifteen-year war, the orders are explicit. To map the timeless "pass key" commercial and military navigation from [...]

Welcome to your Parosdise!

It is as great as TripAdvisor tells you. Whether you are young or old you will fell in love with Paros for its beaches, charming architecture, local food, adventures, unique experiences and enjoyable moments! Parikia, the capital of Paros, is today one of the most popular and busiest spot of the island, as [...]

Kitesurf Paros

Kitesurfing in Paros: an Adventure You Should Not Miss When in Paros, you will definitely not have a shortage of activities that you can try. Whether you would want to be laidback or be adventurous, the list of things to do will be almost endless. Are you looking for something [...]

Welcome to Paros Voyages

Hey There! Everybody is welcome to Paros Voyages !!! A team dedicated to action and adventure! We are happy to introduce you Paros Voyages Team located on Paros, Greece. Our activities are based in Paros island, the most active island in the Cyclades, where the sun Our focus is share [...]

Holidays In Paros

The beaches in Paros are the most famous in the Mediterranean for their exotic water and the golden sand. The island has a very mild climate so you can swim in the sea from beginning of May until end of October. Paros is known for its Cycladic style architecture, white-washed, with blue details. You [...]