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Brewery and Vineyard Tour

an exclusive tour of Paros' most famous vineyard, Moraitis, and the successful 56 Isles microbrewery.

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the culture of Paros, the wine and beer production on the island and meet the artisans behind them! The tour includes tasting of a carefully selected range of wines and beers, a tour of the facilities.

Moraitis Vineyard

56 Isle Brewery

kid snorkeling in paros. Activities in Paros

Snorkeling Trip

The best way to experience the underwater world is to simply put on a mask, head beneath the surface and explore the marine oasis! Get

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paros church

Island Sightseeing

Experience an unique sightseeing tour of Paros & Antiparos. The exact itinerary will be designed based on your preferences and schedule. Experience an unique island

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