Brewery and Vineyard Tour

aegean vineyard in Paros.

an exclusive tour of Paros’ most famous vineyard, Moraitis, and the successful 56 Isles microbrewery. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the culture of Paros, the wine and beer production on the island and meet the artisans behind them! The tour includes tasting of a carefully selected range of wines and beers, […]

Culinary Delights: A Taste of Authentic Cycladic Cuisine

greek dinner cooking lessons paros

Greece is as famous for food as it is for its beautiful beaches and fabulous weather. You can’t take your holiday home with you, but you can learn how to cook like a Greek! Cooking class by one of the island’s best cooks you will learn how to cook three traditional dishes.From the beginner to […]

Island Sightseeing

paros church

Experience an unique sightseeing tour of Paros & Antiparos. The exact itinerary will be designed based on your preferences and schedule. Experience an unique island sightseeing tour of Paros & Antiparos with our professional driver and Mercedes mini van available for you and your group. During the tour designed around your interests you will have […]

Trekking Hike

paros trekking

Adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available. This trek is unique in giving you the opportunity to explore parts of Paros most visitors miss as it is not accessible by conventional vehicles. This hike is the ideal adventure for families or friends, first time or experienced […]

Bicycle Trail

paros bike-trail

Bicycle excursion with 95% off-road trail. Your instructor will explain the route the tour will take and you will set off to explore! After that, it is all adventure as you follow your guide through the beautiful mountain countryside, slowly meandering downhill. The route passes lots of interesting historical sites, picturesque villages and stunning viewpoints […]

Windsurfing Lessons

aegean windsurfing in Paros

The best way to experience the underwater world is to simply put on a mask, head beneath the surface and explore the marine oasis! Windsurfing lessons can be designed for beginners to advanced windsurfers. The experienced and qualified instructors will take you from your first ride to advanced jumps and tricks. They will help you […]

Kitesurfing Lessons

aegean kitesurfing in Paros

Learn Kitesurfing with the guidance of an experienced instructor. With instructors and teaching method that enables the kitesurfing lesson to proceed at a quicker pace and learn to go up wind in no time! The wind in the Aegean is particularly strong in the summer, especially in the afternoon, which creates perfect conditions for kitesurfing. […]

Stand-Up Paddle Tour

aegean paddleboard tour. Activities in Paros

This premium Stand-up Paddle tour gives you the opportunity to discover the stunning coast of Paros. A fun, relaxing way to play on the water. With a minimum of gear, you can paddle – no waves required. We design the day around you, from pick you up and dropping you back to your hotel or […]

Scuba Diving

scuba-diving. Activities in Paros

Discover another world! Dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy an incredible scenery of drop-offs, caverns, canyons, boulders and swim throughs. Anyone 10+ can participate! In four hours you will take your first breath underwater scuba diving! After registration and completing a medical questionnaire, there is a theory class where you will learn the principles […]

Snorkeling Trip

kid snorkeling in paros. Activities in Paros

The best way to experience the underwater world is to simply put on a mask, head beneath the surface and explore the marine oasis! Get on board the rib boat to reach the best spots & get guided by a certified scuba diving instructor in this amazing aquatic excursion.Snorkeling is fun, easy and safe. There […]