Despotiko –a doorway to the history of the Cyclades.

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Despotiko – a doorway to the history of the Cyclades. Greece has been attracting visitors to its archaeological wonders for thousands of years. One might be forgiven for assuming that the enthusiasm of empires, academics and our extensive knowledge of the Hellenic past would mean that there was relatively little left to discover in Greece. […]

Top Best Beaches in the Cyclades

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No matter what type of traveller you are, in the Cyclades, there is definitely a beach (or a dozen) just for you. All the islands have beautiful beaches and the sea is incredibly blue and crystal clear everywhere. While it is impossible to tell you about every beach worth visiting in Cyclades, there are a […]

Scuba diving in the Cyclades

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The need to explore the underwater world led man from ancient times until today to develop scuba diving. The first efforts for scuba diving started from Aristotle’s era to continue in the Middle Age by Leonardo da Vinci. Roger Bacon constructed the first breathing device in 1240. The efforts continued during the Industrial Revolution, when […]

Spying on the Cyclades

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Versailles 1685. King Louis 14th, although he had not been involved in the so-called Great Turkish War, had carved his political plans for the Archipelago Sea. Two years after the beginning of the fifteen-year war, the orders are explicit. To map the timeless “pass key” commercial and military navigation from the western Mediterranean to the […]

Dolphins in Greek Mythology

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Dolphins, Poseidon and Apollo’s sacred animals are one of the most lovely sea creatures as well as a symbol of friendship and solidarity. Dolphins, the playful charmers of the ocean, have long held a special place in the hearts of Greeks. Myths and legends tell of their friendship with men and gods alike. Dolphins were […]