Activities of the Aegean sea

Snorkeling Trip

The best way to experience the underwater world is to simply put on a mask, head beneath the surface and explore the marine oasis!

Get on board the rib boat to reach the best spots & get guided by a certified scuba diving instructor in this amazing aquatic excursion.
Snorkeling is fun, easy and safe. There are many ways to learn about the marine wilderness of Paros. It’s an ideal adventure for families and friends, first time and experienced snorkelers.

Activity Details

Activity : Boat excursion for snorkeling guided by Certified Dive Instructor
Difficulty Level : All levels (beginners to experienced)
Operating Hours : Two excursions per day are possible, at 2pm or 4pm.
Language : English, French & Greek
Duration : 2 hours
Included :

  • Crewed boat
  • Dive Instructor
  • Equipment (includes wet-suit, mask & fins)
  • Bottle of mineral water (0,50l)

For better visibility and ideal temperatures we always suggest not to go too early or too late in the day. Two excursions per day are possible, at 2pm or 4pm. Reservation at least 2 days in advance.

Blue Island Divers

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Scuba Diving

Discover another world! Dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy an incredible scenery of drop-offs, caverns, canyons, boulders and swim throughs. Anyone 10+ can participate!

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