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Trekking Hike

Adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available.

This trek is unique in giving you the opportunity to explore parts of Paros most visitors miss as it is not accessible by conventional vehicles.

This hike is the ideal adventure for families or friends, first time or experienced trekkers. The hike has a moderate difficulty level, adults and children that are able to walk on rough terrain will love the unique setting. The guide will lead you down the stunning southern coastline, leading to spot of outstanding natural beauty.

Activity Details

Activity : Private guided trek

Difficulty Level : Intermediate & experienced available

Operating Hours : 8am start or 4 hours prior to sunset

Language : English & Greek

Duration : 4 hours

Included :

  • Experienced Guide
  • Map
  • Bottle of mineral water (0,50l)

To avoid the hot weather and sun, all our excursions start at 8am or 4 hours before sunset. Trekking is an activity that is enjoyable all year around, during the hot months your guide will be able to point out a safe place to swim during the hike.

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