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Holidays In Paros

The beaches in Paros are the most famous in the Mediterranean for their exotic water and the

golden sand. The island has a very mild climate so you can swim in the sea from beginning of

May until end of October. Paros is known for its Cycladic style architecture, white-washed,

with blue details. You will be impressed by its unique style and the high quality of its marble

which became a popular material for sculptors and architects throughout antiquity in ancient


On the island, there is a big choice of taverns & restaurants, where you will try delicious local

dishes, sea food, local fresh fruits and vegetables, but also local cheese & wine. Paros, has also

a great nightlife, mainly in the villages of Parikia & Naoussa.

Paros is also known as the island of the activities. With spots ideally suited for windsurfing and

kitesurfing, scuba diving and snorkelling but also bicycle and trekking. Not to miss, the channel

with the small islands between Paros and Antiparos that you can discover by renting a boat or

to make a cruise.

An amazing island, in the middle of the Cyclades that stays unforgettable to all his visitors.

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